• Indish Organics Testimonials

    I don't use weave so I purchased the black castor oil after doing a wash and treatment by indishbeauty with it in my hair. I still use it in my hair, and after cutting my hair 2 years ago my hair is longer than ever. I also use it in the baby's hair and let me tell you!!!. Results results results!! His hair can go in any style now and in one after struggling lol. The packaging was also aa big thing for me because the presentation goes a long way. I don't live overseas but even here in Toronto, my package came in 2 days. I'll forever be a return customer.

    @Myzz Dion
  • Indish Organics Testimonials

    I use Indish Organics for two main purposes 1. Healthy hair (castor oil & coconut oil) 2. For beautiful hydrated skin (coconut oil) with my lotion. I love the smell of the pure cold pressed coconut oil it gives me the feeling of being on the islands and the packaging helps with the scenery as well.

    *Thanks Indish Organics*

  • Indish Organics Testimonials

    I recently purchased an 8oz bottle of Castor oil and I can say this is an amazing product. I use it in all of my natural hair and body care products such as conditioners, moisturizing lotions. It is also good for seasonal use and all skin types (I've shared my product with friends). I would recommend you atleast give it a try and I'm positive you will not be disappointed!!!!!

  • Indish Organics Testimonials

    I'm pleased with every aspect of the product. I am seeing results. I noticed that my hair is thicker and grows faster when using the product. I use castor oil for hair growth. I love the professionalism of the entire brand. From the packaging to the fact that I'm getting exactly what I was told I was going to get. And that is great results. I do live overseas and the products are always shipped in a timely manner.

  • Indish Organics Testimonials

    The thing that sets Indish Organics apart is the quality of their products. They have also remained consistent in maintaining it which keeps me buying more. The packaging is true to the brand, it gives island vibes because it's actually from an island. The same can't be said for lot of brands out there. I use the castor oil specifically along my edges and on my lashes, especially after taking a break from lash extensions. It really helps with growth and getting my thick lashes back.