• Indish Beauty Testimonials

    The products and services offered at @indishbeauty @indishorganics are impeccable! And affordable. She is a perfectionist and very professional. Excellent customer service experience. She listens, recommends and executes. My favourite product is raw castor oil.My hair was badly damaged before going to @indishbeauty she recommended the raw castor oil and my hair grew back healthier. I highly recommend @indishbeauty, one stop shop for all your hair needs.

  • Indish Beauty Testimonials

    Ladies indishbeauty is one of, if not the best stylist in the city. This girl can slay some hair, connecting with her in regards to booking an appointment is stress-free there's none of the waiting for days for a response as she's very professional. She's been my stylist for over a year now and I've never been disappointed with my hairstyle. Oh and ladies her bundles are on point and let me not even get started on her wigs. They are worth every single penny...

  • Indish Beauty Testimonials

    Indish beauty is by far the best hairstylist I've ever been to. From the hair service to the customer service it is an all around amazing experience. My hair always looks amazing and the price is definitely worth it. I went from having terrible leave outs to never having bad hair again. No matter what style you do, your install will always be seamless. I highly recommend.